The Company

Our History

Emilgrip was founded in the early 1980s, basing its production on attaching a zip commonly known as a minizip onto small polyethylene plastic bags. Alongside the constant development of its production process in terms of fastenings, the company has expanded its catalogue over the years by adding new items so as to offer customers a complete range that can meet any packaging requirement which a business might have. Emilgrip now offers all possible types of plastic packaging required by companies in every sector. It also boasts an ever expanding catalogue of fastenings in terms of their types and materials, which can be attached onto small plain or printed bags.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a relationship with the customer so that both parties are happy. We know that customers who really understand what they are buying have different criteria when assessing the service they receive, they understand its time frames and issues, they can appreciate its merits and potentially recognise its faults. This is our mission: to provide a comprehensive, prompt and well-organised service, where the customer is followed from the initial design consultancy phase up to the delivery of the order. We are convinced that you do not achieve the best result by trying to sell something but rather by working together with the customer in the plastic packaging sector.

Our Machinery

We entrust our production to machinery that always has to guarantee the highest efficiency, running more traditional systems that are constantly updated and kept in excellent condition alongside next-gen devices, while always guaranteeing outstanding quality end products but also safety and manageability for our operators. A particular feature of our sector, plastic packaging, is the recent development of traditional items bonded with new, in particular, biodegradable materials. Here at Emilgrip, we are expanding our fleet of machines so we can process these new polymers and offer our customers an ever growing range of products.